Carpet Cleaning Basics. Finding The Best Solution For Your Carpet

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Remember the days of carefree relaxation visit website, walking in stocking feet and white athletics socks? Your spouse or mother would then point out the dirty socks you were wearing and question why you kept insisting on wearing the clean socks that she washed, dried and cleaned for your benefit. You point out to your partner that you’ve both been inside. They then exchange silent looks, each thinking: “Walking on the carpet made this happen?” Yup!

Carpet is by its nature a magnet for dust and dirt. Modern carpets are made with a wide variety of man-made and natural materials. These include wool blends, polymers, nylon threads and Dacron. Fibers can be twisted, warped or bonded around a solid core. These fibers can either be bonded using strong adhesives, or they can be woven in a mat backing. They can be looped in different lengths and cut, for example kitchen, short, or long piles.

Carpets are a magnet for dirt and grime due to their construction, manufacturing and even patterns. We all know what happens when we walk outside for the first time in brand new shoes. A simple layer of dirt is deposited on the carpet. Fiber edges attract dirt, oil, toxins, liquid residue and other assorted substances. HVAC systems, both commercial and residential, can blow allergens, insects detritus and flaked skin onto carpet surfaces, regardless of how complex their filtering system is. The static electricity that affects carpet fibers is constant. Certain fibers may be treated to reduce static, but contaminants will still adhere to them. Teflon is a popular stain treatment for carpet fibers. This only serves to make cleaning up liquids, stains, and other materials easier. It is inevitable that your carpet will become dirty, unless you have a certified class 6-clean room.
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