Grilling with Gas: Our Favorite Natural Gas Grills Under $500

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You know that summer will soon be here, and with it comes grilling season. Before you rush out and purchase a grill it’s important to understand what features you need. If you don’t, then you could end up buying grills which are not durable or do not meet your needs. The perfect grill is not one. It all depends on the needs of each individual, their resources, priorities, and how frequently they will be using it. You should look at as many factors as possible before purchasing a grill. Read more now on best natural gas grills under $500

1. You can also Size

In the first place, ask yourself how frequently you will grill. Also, how many people are you going to serve? You can assume that a larger grill will have more power. The bigger the grill, the more power it has. But that also means more space is needed and more money. You don’t really need to buy a huge grill unless you grill a lot and if it’s for large portions. So you’ll be able to save more cash instead of spending extra money on a grill that you may not even use. Some people with large grills have hot spots, which can lead to an uneven cook. In order to achieve even cooking, at least two areas of heating are recommended. Two burners are enough for a good amount of cooking space and efficient heat distribution.

2. You can also find out more about Construction

We think stainless steel will be the best choice for grills of high quality, as it is more resistant to rusting and staining. Of course, grills made of stainless steel can cost more than grills that are average. Not all stainless can provide this guarantee. The grade is important to ensure high-quality materials. It is best to buy that which has a high-grade stainless material and a metal finish. Despite this, gas grills can still be made with durable materials that are of high quality even if they’re not stainless steel. Porcelain-enameled steel, for example, is an excellent alternative that is also less expensive. The quality of grills is not restricted to stainless steel.

3. Average BTUs

You should look for grills which have a BTU per square inch equivalent to at least 100 BTUs, but preferably between 80-100 BTUs, as these will maximize the heat and energy efficiency. So you won’t need to worry about your food burning or not having enough heat for a good sear. It is important to note that a BTU higher than 2,000 does not necessarily mean a quicker pre-heating time or heightened temperature. Higher BTU may also result in higher gas consumption and harder heat and cooking control.

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Grills with lots of features tend to be more expensive. Try to consider the grill’s features, and which you need or will frequently use. Ask yourself before you buy a grill if these features are really needed and if they will be used often. You should also consider whether a gas grill has the ability to be run on natural gas. By using a gas grill you can also enjoy the benefits of natural gas. Has it a maintenance or cleaning system, like an easy-to-empty and clean drip tray? As you will need to maintain and clean your machine regularly, this is a great feature. This also helps to prolong the lifespan of your machine. Additional features include side tables, side burners and a thermometer. While rotisserie or smoker boxes can enhance your grilling experience and be very expensive, you may not actually use it.