Transform your Life with Astrology

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Vedic Astrology (Indian science with deep roots) is one such example. It has been widely used by Indians in various aspects of their lives for many centuries. A second example comes from the medical industry.

Medical astrology provides insight into one’s current health condition, as well future medical issues – read more.

Medical astrology aids people in recovering from medical treatments that have been unsuccessful.

When an individual is more likely to suffer an injury, we can predict this using simple medical astrology.

In the context of Indian Astrology yogas can only be one aspect that affects an individual’s well-being. Some yogas could be considered lucky while others are not. The health of an individual can be affected by transits unfavorable to the planets, and inefficient yogas. To avoid any serious health problems, it is crucial to lead a healthy life.

Also, the health of an individual is linked to nine planets.

The Sun can lead to headaches, or cause other problems if it is not placed correctly in the Kundali. Moon can cause you become more irritable. Mars has also been linked to accidents and surgery. Mercury, the principal planet affecting an individual’s intellect, is also important. Voice, skin or neck problems may occur.

Saturn’s most prominent association is with health problems such as dental disease and chronic ailments.

The houses are also linked to specific organs or disorders.

First-house symbolism is longevity and good physical health. Although the second house symbolizes health, as well as right eye, neck and throat, this is also true for overall health. The third house is linked to the arms, ears, and shoulders.

Remedies from Medicinal Astrology

In Medicinal Astrology, remedies can be used to strengthen a planet’s effects or please a God. You can also use a medicine to minimize the harmful effects of yoga, transits and other factors.

Mantras, or gem therapy can be used as alternatives to medical Astrology. You can use a gemstone to help heal the aura. It is possible to fill it with this particular color which may have less intensity. A person could heal from any kind of health problem.